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Point of 50 year Trust Expiration

At the point that a 50 year Trust is about to expire : The cost associated with renewing it is as follows. Notario fee. 1% of property value on previous trust Public registry Fee typically .05% of the property stated value Normal Bank Fee’s for
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Mexico Investments and U.S. Taxes

Mexico Investments and U.S. Taxes Use : Vacation Home Once you have purchased your home, the use you give it will largely determine the tax consequences as far as the IRS is concerned. After further discussions with your spouse, you decide that you cannot

FMT -Tourist visa

FMT This document is requested by the notaries in all transactions with American Citizens since proves their legal stay at the moment of the signature of the legal document and has a lasting of 180 days. You can obtain this document crossing the border

Puerto Penasco History

PUERTO PEÑASCO HISTORY Approximately 20,000 years ago in the 'Ajo Valley' and continuing to Puerto Peñasco nomadic tribes& their more adventurous members started a 'trading zone' along these routes. During these times

What is a Fideicomiso?

FIDEICOMISO - RealEstate Trust within the Mexican Restricted Area Fideicomiso? (From Latin: Fedei commisum. Fedei=Faith=Trust). Fideicomiso is the only option which a foreigner in Mexico can acquire and maintain a property on the restricted zone, according

Bank Trust Process

BANK TRUST PROCESS 1.-Deliver the complete information package to the bank which includes: -Bank trust application format -Passports of the parties -Driver licenses of the parties -Proof of address -Letter of Instructions (if cession of rights) 2.-The

Housing Crisis is Over per Wall Street Journel Article

The Housing Crisis Is Over By CYRIL MOULLE-BERTEAUX May 6, 2008; Page A23 The dire headlines coming fast and furious in the financial and popular press suggest that the housing crisis is intensifying. Yet it is very likely that April 2008 will mark the
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